Important improvements in the BFYC

81 new berths created at Lake Balaton

6 July 2022, Balatonkenese

Balatonfői Yacht Club, one of the most atmospheric marinas on Lake Balaton, has been thoroughly expanded and renovated. In the course of more than six months, 81 new berths were created and the entire shore infrastructure underwent a comprehensive capacity expansion and renovation. As a result of all these measures, BFYC could perhaps be a contender for the title of the most beautiful marina on Lake Balaton.

About 81 new berths (including 5 new guest berths), 300 metres of plage and 150 metres of special place, almost 1000 square metres of renovated guest room – these are the results of 180 days of renovation and expansion works of Balatonfői Yacht Club in numbers. However, numbers cannot really describe the qualitative development that has taken place between Autumn 2021 and Summer 2022 in the Balaton Club, one of the closest to Budapest.

By extending the berth outwards, the project has not taken up any additional coastline. Of course, the development towards the water was preceded by numerous environmental and regulatory tests and measurements to ensure that it would not cause the slightest harm to the wildlife of Lake Balaton.

The completed floating moorings are state of the art and, in keeping with BFYC tradition, meet the special needs of electric boats by providing suitable high capacity charging stations.

In parallel with the expansion, the onshore infrastructure has also been renewed and extended to ensure that the increased number of boats can be served in a high quality environment. The two terraces of the marina restaurant were renewed accordingly. The larger dining room, which can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time and occasionally serves as a venue, has white limestone flooring reminiscent of the Tagore Promenade in Füred and is shaded by solar panels. Also more spacious and modern is the panoramic terrace, adjacent to the restaurant, where the BFYC’s boat training sessions are often held.

Another special feature of the marina is the unique plage that was created during the renovation and expansion works. It runs along the beach (which has also been improved) next to the marina pier, evoking the atmosphere of seaside swimming spots.

The expansion of the marina has added a new element to the offer: the new pool now houses a large multifunctional jetty, which will enrich the ambience of the marina with special dishes, quality cocktails and champagne, as well as occasional sophisticated evening events and concerts during the season.

More information: bfyc.hu uzemeltetes@bfyc.hu Anita Lénárt


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